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Landing on Mercury
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Hello there my name is ☪ailey••••I'm 18 and feel free to ask me anything I love answering questions..Please don't hesitate to follow I follow everyone back.Have a B-E-A-U-TIFUL day☄

I want to be in a relationship with someone I can talk about anything and do absolutely anything with. A relationship where we don’t get tired of being in each other’s presence and get butterflies every time we kiss. Where we go on adventurous nature walks to random places by a beautiful lake or take a vacation to the beach just to hold hands while we sit in the sand watching the waves roll in. But we still love being lazy with each other and spend entire days cuddling and watch every episode of a random series. I want to fall in love with someone who will also turn out to be my best friend.

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1. Name: Cailey Rachael Cusick

2. Birthday: September 13, 1995

3. Favorite number: 9 because it was lucky enough to get eaten out by 7 (if you don’t get that then well that sucks)

4. Height: 5’7”

5. Talents: Drawing, pretending to be a hard-core bad bitch, kicking peoples asses at Mario Cart

6. Can you juggle? Hell no

7. Art/ sports/ both: Art

8. Do you like writing? Depends on a bunch of stuff but then I hate it so I just usually trash it.

9. Do you like dancing? Only in the shower

10. Do you like singing? Only in the shower
1. Dream vacation: to Greece

2. Dream guy/ girl: so cliche and typical but my boyfriend (best smile, kindest heart, and really smart)

3. Dream wedding: small and casual probably out on a field like in the country or on a warm beach

4. Dream pet: Great Dane Dalmatian

5. Dream job: Either creating graphic designs for magazines/ cartoonist or a YouTube makeup guru
1. Favorite song: As of now Journeys End by Blackmill

2. Favorite album: Nevermind

3. Last song you heard on the radio: Blue Swayed Shoes

4.Least favorite song: Anything by Ariana Grande

5. Least favorite artist: Ariana Grande

6. Least favorite album: Uhhh idk
1. Guys/ girls/ both: MEN

2. Hair color: Dark brown or black

3. Eye color: brown

4. Humorous/ serious: humorous

5. Biggest turn off: Lies and/or doesn’t consider us equals in the relationship

6. Biggest turn on: Great smile

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